We are a duly-registered and FDA-approved company engaged in formulation, manufacturing, and delivery of quality cosmetic, personal and home care products. 


“La Belle Moi” means “The Beautiful Me” in French. We chose this phrase to share our philosophy and our belief that health and beauty comes from within. It is our aim to help our clients achieve this same philosophy through our service and product offerings.  

We are guided by honor, ethics, and fairness in building our business.    

We believe in, and are committed to, good governance.  

Because of our commitment to quality and good governance, we assure our partners that our processes and products always meet the highest standards.  

We are credible in our dealings with both internal and external stakeholders, and we cultivate a productive relationship with partners and customers alike.  

We continuously find ways to improve our organization and our people to meet our consumers’ constantly changing and challenging needs.



To be recognized globally as a leading manufacturer and logistics solutions provider to our business partners. 



  • To continuously provide safe, quality & innovative products through extensive research.
  • To build a long-term relationship with our business partners by providing exceptional customer services through innovation and strategic planning. 
  • To provide logistics solutions to our business partners that would result in an improved business system.
  • To champion professionalism and personal growth among our employees.